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If you've got questions, we've got answers. Help is just a few clicks away. Whether its metal-to-plastic conversion, metal inserts, advanced decoration & finishes or a need for a custom resin to protect your components in unusually harsh environments, we can help. We have lots of ways to help drive cost out of the manufacturing process and get to market faster. Contact our plastics experts for insights and suggestions on any problem or challenge that might be keeping you up at night.
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Is Your Current Plastic Supplier Adding Value...Really?
Not all suppliers are created equal. So how do you tell who is for real and who cannot walk the talk? Here's a basic primer and list of questions you should ask your suppliers before you decide to send them a quote request. This document also discusses a number of steps that you can take to verify which suppliers are truly capable of meeting your needs...before you waste time getting quotes.
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MAPI US Industrial Outlook: A Moderate Pace Of Growth Expected
MAPI forecasts that manufacturing growth will outperform overall GDP growth in 2012 and 2013. There is pent-up demand for consumer durables (particularly motor vehicles), firms are profitable and need to spend more for business equipment, and the rebound in nonresidential construction signals capacity-expanding business investment. Read More.
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National Association of Manufacturers Economic Report
Anxieties about Europe have pushed up borrowing costs in Spain and elsewhere, prompting new fears in the persistent financial crisis. Read More.
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Small to mid-sized suppliers to benefit from upturn in manufacturing
The LA Times reports that small to midsize component suppliers are most likely to benefit from a resurgence in American manufacturing, according to a new white paper by the Boston Company Asset Management, a BNY Mellon company. Read More.
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