Our Parent Company

IMC is a subsidiary of NN, Inc., a $400 million, publicly held company headquartered in Johnson City, TN.  NN, Inc. is an independent global manufacturer offering a comprehensive product line of high-quality precision bearing, plastic, rubber and  metal components to a variety of markets, including automotive, original , HVAC, heavy equipment and many other markets.  NN, Inc.'s operations are divided into three units: Metal Bearing Components, Plastic and Rubber Components, and Precision Metal Components.

The Metal Bearing Components segment includes the U.S. Ball & Roller Division, NN Europe, and NN Asia: 

  • The U.S. Ball & Roller Division supplies precision steel balls and cylindrical rollers for various applications including bearings, automotive parts, hydraulic motors, oil drilling and mining.
  • NN Europe’s four manufacturing facilities provide precision steel balls, tapered rollers and stamped steel components for various applications including bearings and automotive parts.
  • NN Asia currently offers precision steel balls to customers throughout Asia. The operation is located in Kunshan, Peoples Republic of China, approximately 50 kilometers from Shanghai, and also serves as NN’s headquarters for the Asia / Pacific region.

The Plastic and Rubber Components segment includes Industrial Molding Corporation (IMC) and Delta Rubber Company.  IMC provides precision injection molded plastic parts for primarily the green energy, consumer products, bearing components and automotive markets, as well as a variety of other applications.