IMC Precision Injection Molding

We approach every customer project with a clean slate and match the requirements of the job with the most efficient process.  If an automated process is warranted, no problem.  If a manual or semi-automated approach makes more sense, no problem.  

Through precision injection molding  we eliminate sources of variation within the molding process by operating documented, repeatable  statistically-capable and controlled processes.  Our  in-mold expertise  includes 2-shot, IMD and insert molding. 

We thrive on projects with the toughest specifications and the tightest deadlines.  The bottom line is that when it comes to extremely difficult-to-manufacture components and sub-assemblies, we are uniquely qualified to produce  them better, faster and cheaper than you can do them in-house. 

IMC has provided high quality molding services for more than 60 years. We have more than 81 injection molding machines  (electric, hydraulic, Hybrid) ranging from 28 to 500 tons Computerized Process Monitoring, along with integrated Poke-Yoke systems, allow us to consistently deliver high quality products. 

Our more than 150,000 sq. ft. facility offers plenty of room for custom automation, robotic parts handling, automatic and semi-automatic runner re-use systems, laser de-gating, color matching and post mold de-flashing (Rotoblast).  We also have extensive experience processing practically any engineered or ultra-engineered grades of thermoplastic resins.